Watch EyeTV live channels on Apple TV, iPhone & iPad, Mac!

finessTV Server & Client Connection finessTV allows it to stream the current live channel of the EyeTV application on Mac
or archived movies to (multiple) clients on Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, Mac.

Clients can easily and privately connect to the server from outside the local WiFi
and friends can be invited to share television and archived movies.


  • macOS 10.11 or newer
  • VLC installed in the application folder
  • FFmpeg optionally installed in the utilities folder (more infos)
  • VLC EyeTV Plugin installed in the EyeTV folder
  • EyeTV showing a channel in the live tv window
  • finessTV Server started
  • finessTV Client (Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, Mac) connected

finessTV supports EPG of TV providers or optionally XMLTV.

EyeTV archive sharing or EyeTV iPhone sharing is not used and must not be activated.

finessTV Server

The server streams the EyeTV live channel or archived movies to clients on Apple TV, iPhone & iPad, Mac.

As a requirement, VLC must be installed in the application folder, the "VLC EyeTV Plugin" must be installed and EyeTV must show the live tv channel window.

Please note that incoming connections must be allowed in the firewall settings for the server (and the Mac client).
And that EyeTV will show a "channel not available" message instead of the live tv channel if the server is started.

After the successful start, the server will launch VLC in the background to save the current EyeTV live data as segmented live streams.

Clients can then connect to the server to watch the live stream or archived movies.

finessTV Client

After the successful connection, the client will show the available channels in a list
and the current live stream in a player view.

If EPG data is available, an info will be shown with the time start / end of the program.

The current channel can be switched by selecting another channel in the list.

Because multiple clients on Mac, iPhone & iPad or Apple TV can be connected to the server,
the channel is also switched if the channel is switched on another client.

Furthermore the EyeTV archive can be selected to watch a recorded movie on a client. Other
clients can continue to watch the live stream or select and watch a archive movie as well.

Please note that the live tv streaming is delayed by 15 seconds
and that channel switching takes 20 seconds.
Timeshift and other features of EyeTV are not available.

Streaming of DVB-T2 in Germany is still not working properly caused by incorrect data
of the public broadcasting services - read more at our blog.

The server and client for Mac can be download on the download page,
the clients for Apple TV and iPhone & iPad are available now in the Apple App Store.